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[Event] StartEngine Summit: Tokenizing the World

JL Law


Our Co-Founder, Jor Law, will be speaking at the upcoming StartEngine Summit on October 19th in Santa Monica, CA. The StartEngine Summit will focus on tokenizing securities and alternative assets.


The tokenization of securities and alternative assets on the blockchain will revolutionize the world’s financial markets by bringing liquidity to the illiquid securities market, unlocking trillions of dollars of value.

Panel Topics:

Can Stablecoins Solve The Volatility Problem

In recent months, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies that are tethered on a 1-to-1 basis to a fiat currency, have been on the rise. Hear from pioneering stablecoin entrepreneurs firsthand on the future applications of this new form of cryptocurrency and whether stablecoins are the solution to crypto’s volatility and the lack of institutional participation in the crypto marketplace.

1.The Benefits of a Tokenized Economy

Much has been said about the benefits of tokenization, but what are the economics behind the tokens? Learn the driving factors in the move towards tokenized securities and how the tokenized economy will behave.

2.Investment Strategies From Security Token VCs and Funds

What KPIs and token economic models are the experts evaluating to determine their investment strategies? What constitutes a good security token? A panel of sophisticated investors walk through their investment frameworks.

3.The Tokenization of Alternative Assets

How can real-world assets like real estate, oil, and commodities be tokenized with ownership tracked on the blockchain? How will this new token ecosystem function, and what impact will it have on current markets?

4.How to Tokenize Securities

Hear from the leading security token issuance platforms on their market strategies, how they are tokenizing their clients’ securities, and where the security token market goes from here.

5.Where to Trade Security Tokens

IPOs in the US are declining. Leading crypto companies are actively working to replace the NASDAQ and NYSE to facilitate the trading of privately-held securities on public networks. Find out firsthand how they are bringing these new trading markets into being.

Use the code “JORLAW” to get 15% off your ticket. To learn more information about the JOBSAct, click on our Guide to JOBSAct inforgraphic