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[Webinar] Security Token-based Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investment

JL Law


An equity raise of the property in late summer / early fall 2018 brought in $18 million with a cap rate of about 5.8 percent. This was executed in conjunction with a regulated Security Token using Reg D506 (c). It’s one of the first cases of tokenizing a commercial real estate property.

Learn why they did it and how they did it through this webinar hosted by the Security Token Academy, a leader in covering and facilitating the security token industry. Via its CREST brand, they provide dedicated coverage of commercial real estate investing powered by security tokens.

Participants: President of Elevated Returns, Senior Managing Director JLL Hotels and Hospitality, and other experts

On January 16, 2019, join in on a live, multi-city webinar as experts explore this deal, and grill Stephane De Baets – founder and president of Elevated Returns, the owner of the St. Regis Aspen. Stephane will be joined by Jeffrey Davis, Senior Managing Director of JLL Hotels & Hospitality.

This webinar will feature two segments: 

Part 1: Background and Basic Overview 

  • How Security Token-based Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investment is the latest wave in CRE disruption

  • The hotel and hospitality segment of CRE

  • A tour of the St. Regis Aspen Resort

  • The overall results of the raise

Part 2: A Deep Dive on the Investment Mechanism and Process

  • How investors were able to participate

  • The use of smart contracts and what they mean to investors

  • Legal contracts vs. smart contracts

  • The opportunity for future liquidity in the traditionally illiquid world of CRE

For more information or to register, visit