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Tips & Tricks on Safely Getting Verified as an Accredited Investor

Mihir Gandhi

Video Transcript

Being asked to prove that you€™re an accredited investor?  Here are some tips and tricks on safely getting verified as an accredited investor.

Insist on a safe verification process conducted by a reliable third party you trust to protect you and your information.

Verify the right investor.  If you are investing with a spouse, both of you need to be verified.  If you are investing and taking title through a trust or company, then that entity needs to get verified.

There may be multiple ways to get verified. Choose the method that is easiest for you which requires the least amount of disclosure.

Note who the actual owner of the assets is.  The evidence provided should match the name of the investor being verified.

Don€™t provide any more information than necessary.  Provide relevant sections rather than full documents and only show the assets you need to.  Redact out sensitive information such as account numbers, addresses, and portfolio positions.

Do NOT divulge your social security number or allow them to pull your tax transcripts and credit report.  Instead, take the time to securely obtain them yourself and provide your verifier with redacted versions.

You might be required to provide a credit report.  Because you only get one free credit report per year from each of the three agencies, consider getting one report each time you get verified rather than using up all three free reports at once.

For real estate, private company stock, or alternative assets, use 3rd party objective valuations like appraisals, real estate broker estimates, or CPA valuations.

If you€™re a foreign investor outside the U.S., the verification standard is still the same.  Provide U.S. documents whenever possible. Otherwise, provide your country€™s equivalent.  Translate relevant portions into English.  Remember, verification thresholds are in U.S. dollars.

Having to verify that you are an accredited investor is frustrating, but we hope that these tips and tricks will help you get verified more safely and easily.

Happy investing!