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5 Ways to Get Investors Interested in Your Startup

Mihir Gandhi

Securing funding from investors is a great way for startup businesses to avoid getting into debt from high-interest loans. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Investors want to know that any capital they invest will be used properly and wisely. Here are a few ways you can gain investor confidence:

Have a Good Plan

Most new companies have great ideas, lots of energy and boundless enthusiasm. What many don't have is good business planning. Investors want to know where their funding would go - expansion, operations etc. They'll need to see how you've stayed in business to date and what your long-term projections are for growth and operational costs. A professional, well-constructed business and marketing plan is vital.

Be Formidable

Having said that, however, a good business plan is no good if the investors decide within the first few minutes of meeting you that you don't have what it takes to implement that plan and make it work. First impressions are hard to change, and most investors will base their decision on the image you project right from the beginning. Be a winner. Show them why you are the right person to execute your plan.

Believe in Your Own Business

Your investors will never believe you have a business worth putting money into if you don't believe it yourself. Don't lie about this - don't even think about looking for funding if you can't be truthful when you say your business is worth investing in. All investments involve risk, and investors know this. Investors are more likely to invest if they see an entrepreneur that is passionate about his or her product and is willing to fight to see their vision realized.

Be Ready for the Future

You have a great idea today, but will it still be relevant and exciting in the future? Do you have the vision and talent to move with the times and grow with your clients? You need to show your investors that you are adaptable and flexible enough to stay in business no matter what.

Don't Be Shy About Your Success

If you've got it, promote it! Make sure investors know about major accomplishments and successes. Have the facts and figures to show off growth and results. This can set you apart in a market flooded with entrepreneurs. Don't go overboard though. Nobody likes a cocky jerk.

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