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Want to Start Your Own Business?

Mihir Gandhi

Are you intimidated by popular TV shows that only show entrepreneurial aspirations being achieved by those with access to six and seven figure funding sources? Don’t feel that unless you’re in the same league as Donald Trump, you will never get your idea off the ground or make it profitable.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t president of the small business club at school, or if you didn’t make enough money mowing lawns to buy your first car at age 16 - it’s never too late to unleash your entrepreneurial instincts. Here’s why:

Easier Access to Funding

Once you have a workable idea, backed by a solid business plan, it has never been easier to secure investment funding for your startup business. Unlike in the past, when strict rules were in place, governing who you were allowed to solicit for investment and how much you could ask for, today’s entrepreneur has greater than ever access to individual investors looking to invest in new ideas and new companies. Though at the moment, most private investors still need to be accredited, the process of raising capital is generally more accessible to all.

Easier Access to Global Markets

The Internet has opened up worldwide markets to even the most humble startup entrepreneur. Even as a one-man-show, if you have a website and a strong presence on a variety of social media platforms, you can expose your products or services to a person living across the street or across the world with equal ease. It is now possible to sell anything to anyone, anywhere.

Starting Businesses is Cheaper than Ever

Many businesses can be started from home, with one person, a computer and an Internet connection. Investment funding will undoubtedly be necessary at some stage as the demands of your business grow, but you can get started on a shoestring.

Less Pressure to Take Risks

While there is an element of risk attached to starting up any kind of business, it is less than it used to be because businesses are much cheaper to start. Failure, therefore, is less expensive. Many entrepreneurs used to work for other people, and realized that that is not risk-free either – redundancy could happen to anyone at any time.

There has never been a better time to start your own business. Learn more about how to ensure your investors are accredited investors by visiting